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Kerstin Allvin Comfort & Joy Affair of the Harp Origins

Kerstin Allvin

Music for solo harp

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Nino Rota (1911-1979)
1. Sarabande E Toccata (Sarabande)
2. Sarabande E Toccata (Toccata)

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
3. En Bateau

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
4. Prelude
5. Loure
6. Gavotte en Rondeau
7. Menuet I. Menuet II
8. Bourrée
9. Gigue

Marcel Tournier (1879-1951)
10. Féerie
11. Vers La Source Dans Le ‘Bois

James Hartway (b. 1944)
12. Basho (For Harp), Sparrows In Eaves, Mice In Ceiling – Celestial Music
13. Basho (For Harp) Yellow Rose Petals
14. Basho (For Harp) Old Pond
15. Basho (For Harp) However Close
16. Basho (For Harp) Cuckoo
17: Basho (For Harp) Storming
18. Basho (For Harp) Fading Bells
19. Basho (For Harp), Summer Moon – Clapping Hands, I Herald Dawn

Comfort & Joy

Kerstin Allvin, Harp

Jeffery Zook, Flute

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Comfort and Joy evokes sounds of the Holiday and winter season with these special arrangements for flute and harp. Here is a representation of pieces the performers feel best capture the sounds, emotions and feelings of the winter holiday season.


“Zook’s resonant flute tone and suave phrasing melt lovingly inside Allvin’s clearly articulated harp. David Taylor’s percussion adds color and oomph, and several of Zook’s colleagues from the Detroit Symphony join in on Arcangelo Corelli’s gentle Christmas Concerto. The overall mood is relaxed and peaceful, and it’s to the duo’s credit that the music reduces holiday stress without inducing a somnolent stupor.” — Mark Strkyer, Detroit Free Press

“For the spirit of the season couched in first-class musicianship, look no further than this animated, yet elegant, program of duets. Allvin, harpist with the Flint Symphony, and Zook, who plays in the Detroit Symphony, offer 19 carols and classical selections in tasteful arrangements warmly recorded.” — Lawrence Johnson, The Detroit News

Album Includes
1. Holly and the Ivy 2:46
2. Comfort and Joy 3:53
3. L’arlesienne Suite No. 2, Op. 23: I. Pastorale (Winter Walk) 2:07
4. Christmas Concerto in C Minor, Op. 6, No. 8: II. Allegro 2:51
5. Christmas Concerto in C Minor, Op. 6, No. 8: III. Adagio 1:29
6. Christmas Concerto in C Minor, Op. 6, No. 8: IV. Vivace 1:01
7. Christmas Concerto in C Minor, Op. 6, No. 8: V. Allegro 2:28
8. Spanish Carol: a La Nanita Nana 2:08
9. We Three Kings/Deck the Halls 3:50
10. L’enfance Du Christ, Op. 25: Scene Ii. Trio Des Ismaelites 6:05
11. Christmas Oratorio, Bwv 248: Pastorale 5:45
12. Short Fantasy On a Catalan Carol 1:17
13. Short Fantasy On a Basque Carol 1:38
14. What Child Is This? (Greensleeves) 2:31
15. I Wonder As I Wander 2:53
16. Impressions of Childhood 3:44
17. Variations Pastorales On An Old Carol 8:06
18. Joseph Went A’walking 1:53
19. Christmas Images 5:43

© Copyright-Kerstin Allvin and Jeffery Zook (642841500525). Record Label: High Heel Records.

Affair of the Harp

Music of James Hartway, Performed by Kerstin Allvin

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“Hartway understands the harp’s expressive possibilities, calling upon its celestial qualities, guitar-like strumming, melodic and rhythmic clarity or sweeping grandeur. The pieces range from solo works to various duos and a trio for flute, viola and harp, ‘Images of Mogador.’ One of Hartway’s most fetching works, ‘Images,’ manages the neat trick of evoking an exotic Middle-Eastern locale without slumming. The Woodland Trio – Allvin, flutist Jeffery Zook and violist Caroline Coade – gives a charismatic performance. … ‘Detours’ for flute and harp speaks with an easy melodicism girded by jazzy harmonies and an incisive rhythmic bite that takes advantage of the harp’s percussive attack. The Haiku-inspired ‘Basho’ for harp and narrator is a collection of epigrammatic miniatures … The players weave into and out of solo statements, call-and-response ideas and deftly interlocking passages. Like Hartway’s best music, it is well-crafted, communicative and worth a listen.” — Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press, Published May, 2004

Images of Mogador (flute, viola, and harp)
1. Trance Music
2. From the Minaret
3. Le Souk

Detours (flute and harp)
4. you turn
5. quiet zone
6. no exit

Basho (narrator and harp)
7. sparrows in eves
8. yellow rose petals
9. old pond
10. however close
11. cuckoo
12. storming
13. fading bells
14. summer moon

Handel Concerto in Bb Major for Harp (harp solo)
15. Larghetto/Hartway cadenza

Message from Garcia (cello and harp)
16. Mysterioso – ad libitum

April Sunrise (voice and harp)
17. Lyrically

Holiday in Paris (harp solo)
18. Driving by the Arc
19. Looking Inside the Cathedral
20. Walking in Paris with Claude

Two Nights in Spain (two harps)
21. Cuitat Vella (old Town)
22. La Rambla (The Torrent)


Kerstin Allvin, Harp

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Jazziz “Radioactive: Top 20 New Age-Airplay”
Ranked #5 April/May

1. Phases
2. Origins
3. In my Dreams
4. First Things First
5. Arrive at the Origin
6. Rice Paper Walls
7. Recuerdos de la Alhambra
8. North Beach
9. Rice Paper Walls reprise

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    Allvin projected beautifully the work’s rapidly shifting harmonies and intricate finger work. She excelled at capturing the fleeting melodic pattern of the music.

    — The Flint Journal