Blog: I’ve got peace on my mind

Blog: I’ve got peace on my mind

July 2012

I’ve got peace on my mind.

I woke up with the opening melody and lyrics going through my head to the song “Age of Aquarius.” What was I dreaming about? Wish I could remember!

When the Moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then Peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

I am thrilled to have attended the 12th World Nobel Peace Summit in Chicago a few weeks ago, the first time ever that this event was hosted in North America.

I am now peace-filled, vibed out, and bursting with nonviolent consciousness-energy. I was invited at the last minute to go and jumped at the once in a lifetime chance to attend this amazing gathering of world leaders discussing PEACE! The three-day event culminated with a presentation including His Holiness the Dali Lama, President Mikhail Gorbachev, Sean Penn, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Professor Jody Williams and Dr. Shirin Ebadi. Attending a Peace Summit is uplifting by it’s very nature. Hundreds of individuals thinking and speaking peace in one place. How can a space like that not be vibrating peace? Music vibrates peace in this way.

Being a creative artist gives one an opportunity to create a moment of peace for anyone listening. Of course you can create chaos as well, but the ability to draw an emotional response from a listener and mold an environment for this response is why everyone listens to music. I like having this power available to me as a musician. It’s so amazingly fulfilling to know that the sounds you are creating can invoke such high-powered human emotional responses not only in yourself but also in others.

What would the world be like if we all listened daily to music inspired by peace?  What does peace sound like?

It just might take us all down a notch or two. What the mind is thinking about all the time and what one is doing with one’s daily activities is who you are. If you have a thought, the body has to make a chemical response to that thought. Scientist Candace Pert discusses this in depth in her amazing book, “Molecules of Emotion.” So if you are surrounded by negativity, and think mean thoughts all the time, then the ability of the brain to understand and know peace is very limited. Or to know tolerance. Or to know compassion. Or to know love. So in order to live in peace, we must think and speak in peace. It becomes a daily language and part of the universal ideas of peace. It’s powerful because if you are thinking and acting in peace, then others may see it or sense it in you and begin to realize the capacity for peace in themselves, just like they can respond to the music of peace. Words are the music of speech.  Music and the language of peace don’t have to be “new agey” either, or ever out dated. I heard the Fifth Dimension was pretty cool in 1969 when they recorded “Age of Aquarius.”(At least that’s what I am told, I was too young!)

What does this have to do with harp playing? Plenty.

There is no room in life to ever play anything that does not resonate with you or to ever play just to “get it over with.” Every time you sit down to play, has to be the next best experience of life. To illuminate your audience and lift them up you have to set your intention to do just that. And in so doing you will illuminate and up lift yourself as well. There are times you have to just learn the notes and dig in to the work of learning. But when you perform, be power filled by your intensions.

This July I am embarking on a life-long dream of presenting a music workshop, festival and retreat all in one. I have called it The Creative Harp Collective International and it takes place in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.

It’s for all ages and all levels of musicians because we are all creative artists. My desire is to create a space that stimulates creativity, creative thinking, creative performance, composition and improvisation and at the same time provide an environment of peace and tranquility, stillness and yet, energy.

For awhile, as this venture was unfolding, I didn’t have any idea as to what type of theme could unify all the events, but after the Summit it’s clear to me that to be the best creative artist and thus, a person engaged on this planet, peace has to be on our minds. One must ALLOW peace to enter the human experience and nurture it there. Then, the business of uniting each other in a global peace consciousness is achieved and can be sustained.

Towards the end of the final presentation of the Nobel Peace Summit titled “World Peace and Nonviolence: Never Give Up,” His Holiness the Dali Lama, was sitting next to His Excellency Mikhail Gorbachev. They were actually leaning against each other when His Holiness was asked:  “How can we not give up in our quest for nonviolence, compassion, human rights and tolerance when all around us is the opposite?” The Dali Lama placed his finger alongside President Gorbachev’s temple and replied, “It’s all in the human mind. We must change the way we think.”

May all your planets line up, your love steer the stars and may this new age dawn with the dialogue of peace.

Always, always, Love.

The Creative Harp Collective International
Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

For Pedal and Lever Harpist, For All Ages, For All Things Harp, and For People that Play, Enjoy, and Listen to the Harp. Click here to learn more information.

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