Blog: Greetings Letter

Blog: Greetings Letter

March 6, 2011
Dear Community of Friends,

I am very excited to present to you my new website. Thank you so much for visiting. I invite you to browse the site and take a moment to join the discussion forum. My purpose is not only to provide information, but also to have a place for discussion of topics regarding music, the harp, teaching, yoga, philosophy; and, how to embody all these ancient and wonderful practices into our modern lives.

My life playing the harp continues to lead me to realize all aspects of creativity. I see again and again through my students, performing, practicing yoga and playing catch with my cats (yes, cats can catch!) that we each have this creative spark, this energy, this desire to break free, and to share these unique gifts with others. But how can we access this on a regular basis when we are drawn into the minutia of our daily lives and our creativity is covered in doubt and fear?

Humankind has been fascinated by the sound of the plucked string for millennia. Vibrating in confluence with the heart, it speaks to the human soul. Whether we are aware of this phenomenon or not, something aligns our spirits with our minds and bodies. If we can connect to these very physical and very real parts of our selves as we play our beloved instrument, then we can encounter the true self in our bodies and in our art. The harp becomes something even greater than we are, a voice that when heard, can offer great joy, peace, wonder and fulfillment, not just to the performer, but to everyone who listens…..

My hope with my website is to not only offer you my music, but to offer inspiration and a re-connection to the spirit by giving you a place to discuss these thoughts, learn about the harp, and discover your own unique gift. I can only offer what I have myself experienced and I give these teachings with an open heart and a sincere desire to also learn from you.

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