Blog: Creative Harp Collective International 2012 Review

Blog: Creative Harp Collective International 2012 Review

October 2012

Just a few notes about the first annual Creative Harp Collective International 2012, in Tobermory, Canada, that I birthed and created this past July with my harp buddy, Anita Leschied.

The Collective brought a group of amazing women together for three days in July to explore the harp in all of its creative aspects. The mix of ages was a delight and an added learning bonus for all as we shared ideas from all levels of harp and life experiences. There were three days of workshops: everything from harp basics to harp therapy, improvisation, yoga, music theory, technique, a drumming and rhythm class, meditation and at the end, an awesome concert! All Collective members performed in ensembles, duo or solo to a packed Tobermory United Methodist Church. The Tobermory Drum Circle even performed with us. It was an amazing evening.

Christa Grix was our guest performer this year. She was incredible. The audience loved her and our church in the woods was packed. Plus, after spending time learning about improvisation and being creative at the harp, Christa was the top icing as she jazzed her way through one improv after another, keeping the rhythm popping and the beautiful melodies flowing.

I felt so thrilled that the Collective came together as I had dreamed. It even took on a beautiful life of its own. Anita was a true inspiration to us all as she shared her wisdom of harp in therapeutic uses.  She discussed the use of modes and the ancient practices of healing with musical vibration. How amazing to have my traditional trained eyes opened to this kind of healing therapy from an instrument that I have been playing all of my life. It clearly is time …

Creative Harp Collective International 2013
July 16 – 20, 2013, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.

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