Blog: Start something really big in 2013

Blog: Start something really big in 2013

January 12, 2013

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah … ” —Rumi

Start something really big in 2013 and go for it 100%.

When there are no new beginnings in our lives, we tend to keep our eyes glued to the tiny details that surround us and easily forget the bigger intentions. I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. In a sense, they are too limiting right out of the gate heading into a new year. They can be too simple, or nebulous and easily forgotten or discarded, because they were perhaps unfulfilling, uncertain, or impossible to maintain.

I’ve been “rumi – nating” about intention as we embrace a new year. It’s not uncommon to think about what we intend to do with the rest of the year as it yawns open before us. And intention feels different than a resolution. I was wondering how to incorporate intention into my daily harp and mat practice. I wanted new intentions to really sync-up to the intentions already planted in my practices so that real change could happen.


Intention or resolution is sankalpa in Sanskrit. Sankalpa also can be, will or a goal. I always like to check out these meanings in relation to yoga. There is always a greater meaning in this ancient language. Anyway, as I was thinking, studying, discussing, it became clearer that sankalpa could be “intention,” but that in itself was a limited understanding of the experience of sankalpa. As I first understood it, sankalpa, as an intention on the mat might be; staying mindful of your breath, but it also is, staying mindful of the breath and the breath in body alignment. But not limited to that, so it’s also, breath, alignment, energy flow, and back to the breath. Then it might expand to breath, alignment, energy, and effortlessness and then comes back to breath again. You see, it means one thing and all things. It’s the energy of intention and/or resolution. It’s the meaning behind the intention. Not just the “doing” of the intention. It is the energy of all small intentions morphing into a big universal intention. If we take it as resolution, then it’s many ideas resolving into one big idea. (In a piece of music, it’s the resolution of all notes to the final tonic).

Let’s look at this again. When an intention is made, there is energy created to sustain that intention daily, a transformation begins as the intentional energy is manifested again and again. Deeper consciousness can grow and we open to our energy of change with this daily experience.

I have a habit of doing big projects.

I imagine big outcomes and dream big dreams, working very hard and concentrating diligently. Often it is to the point of foolishness. But over time, they blossom, not necessarily the way I had imagined or wanted them to though, and I am always a little surprised when my big project happens, but always, I have grown immeasurably in the entire process.

I think intention is this. It’s not limited to just a small detail of practice (although that’s a start) but maybe having your eye always on the donut and not too much the hole. We need small goals to help ourselves along the way, but remembering that the experience is energy and energy that we create with our resolutions again and again. The mind/body stuff begins to respond in ways we don’t even know or understand to this intention. To get to a point where we can actually speak through our instruments with freedom and clarity, and to move through our experience of life with grace and compassion is to stand in a higher sankalpa, the daily intention of opening to that intention. To really make change in our lives, our communities and our world, is to have a big project in mind, and go with it … like Noah.

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